Insane VIDEO: Canadian man films himself ESCAPING an avalanche chasing him at Lake Louise – WATCH

  • Bryon Howard, of Calgary, Alberta, captured heart-stopping video of the moment he narrowly avoided getting caught in an avalanche
  • He was running on the Lakeshore Trail high up on a mountain at the scenic Lake Louise on Friday around 5pm when the avalanche erupted 
  • He filmed the puff of white smoke and mist that bloomed on the mountain and roared towards him as he ran away
  • He managed to avoid getting hit by the snow drift itself but was caught in mist
  • ‘I do have a new appreciation for … how quickly it can come upon you and how unexpectedly it can come,’ he said after the avalanche

Source: Insane video shows Canadian man OUTRUN an avalanche rolling down a mountain at Lake Louise

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