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A medieval queen would be "turning in her tomb" because her monument has been left to rot, a council meeting heard. Ron Fitzhugh, from the Far Cotton Residents' Association, accused the borough council of having no "desire to look after beautiful Queen Eleanor".

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This prospect of Northampton was produced for the antiquary John Bridges At left, figures who we might assume to be Bridges and an associate examine an Eleanor Cross, one of twelve stone crosses erected to commemorate the death of Queen Eleanor of Castile who was the first queen consort of Edward I The Hardingstone Cross was begun in and still stands today. Full catalogue details.

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As a to its importance, apart from the obvious, two copies have also been built. We have formally made an application to work on a scheduled monument and once we have received the permission necessary from Historic England work will begin straight away.

The 13 amazing people from northamptonshire on the queen's new year's honours list

By this time, Eleanor was seriously ill. Her body was then sent to London, taking 12 days to reach Westminster Abbey. Edward ordered Crosses to be erected at the places where they stopped. Today it has been almost forgotten, there are no brown s to proclaim its location, parking nearby is almost impossible, meaning few visit it, and it is in urgent need of major repair and renovation.


We have met with Historic England and taken their advice and have already approached three accredited restoration and conservation companies with the experience of working on such important monuments. The cross itself is an enduring story of love and loss. It was at the end of Julythat Edward and Eleanor would leave London on what would be their last journey together. It is also a testament to love and as such, in its hour of need, should we now be showing the cross some of the love which it stands for?

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On 4 August, they stopped at Passenham and two days later held mass at Silverstone, before going to Yardley Hastings. Edward was at her bedside to hear her final requests. The images, rods and hoods were all brought from London by a builder called William de Bernarius in early The cross originally had twelve steps, although there are only ten visible today and is unique as it has an octagonal, rather than hexagonal base. Historian Mike Ingram reminds us why we are so lucky to have it at Delapre….

The first has eight gables with lacework, each with a pair of shields and on alternate sides a stone book. The cross itself is in three tiers.

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details can only be used once at any one time so you have therefore automatically been logged out. Today only the Northampton, Geddington and Waltham crosses survive, the others destroyed by time, weather, or wanton malice. You are here: Home » News Detail.

Simon de Montfort was killed at the Battle of Evesham in August Edward and Eleanor were back in Northampton on 24 Junewhen during an elaborate ceremony involving all the nobility of England, Papal Legate, Ottobuono preached for a crusade at Holy Sepulchre. The journey was abandoned at the village of Harby in Nottinghamshire, less than 7 miles 11 km from Lincoln.

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A life size one at Sledmere in Yorkshire which now doubles as a War Memorial built in Another, which has recently been restored for which it one a major award can be found at Ilam in the Staffordshire Peak District. It was said the breach they made in the walls was wide enough for forty horses.

At the beginning of October, they were at Clipstone near Nottingham for Parliament. Exactly when it was lost is unknown, but we do know it was missing at the time of the battle in The first recorded restoration was in Whist on the west side of the base, a white marble tablet with a latin inscription surmounted by the royal coat of arms was added. He undid all the alterations, rebuilt one gable, and added the characteristic broken shaft to the top.

Edward, his brother Edmund and Henry, a cousin took up the cross. With the threat to the cross recently highlighted by the Northamptonshire Battlefield Society, there has been a resurgence of interest, prompting the Borough Council to promise those urgently needed repairs.

Whilst King Henry attacked the town from the south, Edward led a large force around the outside of the walls and attacked through St. Andrews Priory in the area of the modern Hampton Street. Two have already responded and when we have heard from the third, we will appoint a contractor to carry out a condition survey, commission initial works and advise on what further work is needed going forward.

Please contact your sites administrator if you believe this other user or machine has unauthorised access. The town was ransacked and many people were killed. Exactly what was on the books has been lost to time, but may have been painted prayers.

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Albans, Waltham, Westcheap and Charing. Above this tier is a short square layer above which is now the comparatively modern broken cross shaft. The queen was lodged in the house of Richard de Weston. For three days afterward, the machinery of government came to a halt and no writs were sealed.

Northampton's eleanor cross would make queen 'turn in tomb'

They had reached Northampton by 15 Aug, where they fed poor men with additional alms distributed by their son-in-law, John of Brabant. So, the ones that do survive are rare and precious.

They left Northampton the next day, stopping at Pychley, possibly due to Eleanors failing health, before spending several days at the hunting lodge at Geddington. From that day forward they were rarely separated, and unlike most medieval kings, Edward remained faithful throughout their long marriage.

The second tier is four sided and recessed in ornate arches on each side is a statue of Eleanor in various poses.

Queen eleanor cross

Eleanor was a devoted patron of the Dominican Order friars. Further repairs were carried out in Another major restoration took place in under the architect and antiquary, Edward Blore. Henry banned the town from having a university again.

Her viscera, less her heart, were sent to the Angel Choir of Lincoln Cathedral for burial, where they still rest. The Battle of Northampton in was fought in the fields below it. Edward and his men charged the breach three times before breaking in.

Your details have been used by another user or machine. The main body of the cross seems to have been built by John de Bello also known as de Bataille or of Battlewith the statues carved by William of Ireland.