HIGH Alert! Iran to attack 6,236 US locations as Holy Quran’s verses number in response to Trump’s 52 targets

The sabre-rattling is on between Tehran and Washington as a senior Iranian lawmaker responded to President Donald Trump’s threat to attack 52 Iranian targets.

Chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mojtaba Zonnouri said Iran will attack as many US targets as the number of the verses of the Holy Quran if it comes under assault by the US, Fars News reported.

“If they want to hit 52 sites of ours, we will hit a number of US targets that will be as many as the number of the verses (6,236) of the Holy Quran, and we will target 124,000 of them that stands equal to the number of 124,000 prophets,” Zonnouri said on Sunday.

Source: Iran says will target 6,236 US sites, in reply to Trump’s Twitter threat

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