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I Good lookin soccer guy femme who loves theater

Beauty and charm is one of the basic things that make a person attractive. Who are the most handsome and beautiful footballers in the world? Here we are talking about male football player who are most attractive and handsome.

Good Lookin Soccer Guy

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March 20, By Sourav. The sport is similarly famous among children as well as youngsters.

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All of them, together at once. Don't really feel like I need to justify this again so here's another picture of Andre Gomes. During Everton's win against West Ham on Saturday the thought occurred to me that the Toffees' midfield partnership of Andre Gomes tall, dark, very conventionally handsome and Tom Davies not really any of those things, strong University fresher studying biochemistry at Lancaster riding a unicycle around campus vibe about him were almost polar opposites in terms of appearance.

Joel Ward is quite handsome but he is also Joel Ward. He lives his entire life like he's starring in a music video. Which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

What I'm saying is: they couldn't be more disparate. The hairband is a dealbreaker. No, you hadn't. His current iteration - highlights and a stubble goatee - works for me because he is Jack Grealish and he is a glorious footballer and he is someone I would take one, possibly several, bullets for but he is not everyone's cup of handsome tea.

Top 10 handsome soccer players

You hadn't realised how handsome Callum Wilson is, had you? As a result, and given that he is currently rocking his most devastating lid skin fade, left long on top as opposed to pretty much any other haircut he has he had cornrows at Nottingham Forest. Had Aaron Ramsey not moved to Juventus he certainly would have been up there. The answer is no, no you haven't.

Also, a special mention to new boy Douglas Luiz, but only very specifically in this photo. There is a lot of potential there, although it would come at the cost of a special, powerful individuality that the mop brings.

Top 10 most handsome soccer players in the world

And never let me go. And fair play, he is pretty handsome. But it's ok. And that is the wonderful thing about football, that you can have two men possessing such vastly different energies play alongside each other, and even more than that, play against people like Mark Noble has never, not even once, used the front-facing camera on his phone or Felipe Anderson sincerely uses the hashtag ' mood' on his Instagram posts.

I know Alireza Jahanbakhsh hasn't scored a single goal since moving for a club record fee at the start of the season but he has at least made your team marginally more handsome. Plus he did ly play for Cardiff. Similarly, Mings and Hourihane are both undeniably quite handsome without being showstoppers. That eyebrow slit Look at how handsome Callum Wilson is. We'll start by picking out the most handsome player from each team, and then deciding on an overall winner - the most handsome player in the Premier League.

And no, the hairband stays. Thank you. Victor Camarasa is definitely handsome but nobody is even sure if he really exists, least of all Roy Hodgson. I'm sorry, Brighton, but you have arguably the least handsome squad of footballers ever assembled. They weren't good. Shout out to Wilf, though. Matteo Guendouzi, as is the case on the pitch, is only really being held back by his hair. The winner, however, is of course Hector Bellerin, Arsenal's own drip king, a man who - north London chicken shop or Milan catwalk - constantly looks flawless.

Alexandre Lacazette is obviously very, very handsome. It's also ok to want to squeeze those biceps. Choose whoever you like from Burnley, they're all the same short-back-and-sides, wonky smile, crazy-eyes versions of the same weirdo. He deserves credit for that. Shout out to Wilf's ridiculous cheekbone structure, although there is just a sadness, an obvious pain in his eyes that I can't quite get past.

Credit to Harry Wilson and Andrew Surman, but this one wasn't close. Give it a bit of a trim and then we'll talk. You know it's bad when your goalkeeper is the best looking player in the team. And then, when you try and get away from them by Googling 'Mat Ryan body' even more come up, for some reason.

Lose it and not only does he become more aerodynamic and therefore more effective surging from box-to-boxhis features will also come into focus. Neal Maupay was in consideration until I remembered he is 5 foot 6. Hold me, Callum. Henri Lansbury with cornrows wasn't goodHenri Lansbury goes through as Villa's nominee.

Top 10 most handsome soccer players in

Same goes for former club captain Laurent Koscielny, even if much of his handsome footballing career was blighted by what can only be described as a 'faux-mohawk haircut befitting of a six-year-old'. If you haven't argued for several hours with your friends about this exact question then have you really lived?

Apropos of nothing other than my own innate desire to tackle the most subjective, meaningless questions in football, let's find out, once and for all. Maybe that's just what playing in a Roy Hodgson does to a man.

Here is the list of top most handsome and dashing footballers of all times:

Every single Burnley player has something a bit off about them. In the 'handsomest player at the club' stakes, Arsenal have a few contenders. He goes through as Arsenal's candidate. So yeah. Gary Cahill is objectively quite handsome but he has tiny little Shrek ears.

Leicester's squad isn't pretty: it's Ben Chilwell by a landslide. He does, at least, look like a man who combs his hair and wears aftershave and doesn't pick his teeth with a fork in a restaurant, as opposed to Shane Duffy, Dale Stephens, Glenn Murray, Ezequiel Schelotto and the rest of your sewer mutants. I don't make the rules. Have you noticed how isn't actually pouting but always looks as though he is because that's just the natural curvature of his lips?

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Because now you do and now you know. Sean Dyche clearly hates pretty boys. It really is that simple. What I'm saying is: I often wonder who is the most handsome footballer in the Premier League and, even though Tom Davies has a weird, almost Draco Malfoy appeal to him, it is quite clear Andre Gomes is a serious contender. I'm at a loss, I really am. He goes through because he is just impossibly handsome. He might be injured all the time but fuck me does he look good sat on that bench pretending to be interested in the football.

Sorry pal. Until Javi Martinez s Manchester City on loan in January and forces me to re-evaluate the whole thing, or something. He is quite comfortably Everton's best looking player. I don't know what it is, but none of them are handsome. Sure, Tyrone has the warm smile and Conor has the kind County Cork eyes, but where does that get you when you're in a league full of stunnerz?

What I'm saying is: that is a unique joy in this otherwise almost-indefensible universe.

Andros Townsend You're out. Granit Xhaka, whatever you make of his actual capacity to play football, resembles a 19th century European prince, someone who lived in a big fuck-off castle and had seven surnames and only slightly fewer wives.

But is he the Premier League's? On one hand you have a Portuguese guy who seems better suited to frolicking about on a rowing boat in sodden white underwear all to advertise the singular delights of Dior aftershave; on the other you have a Scouse lad who, all things considered, looks as though he unironically enjoys the films of Robert Pattinson, owns an electric scooter and has, on more than one occasion, got his acoustic guitar out at a house party to play 'Mardy Bum' reasonably terribly.

Actually quite difficult to choose between a fairly well-balanced group of semi-handsome men over at Selhurst Park. Have you noticed how radiant his skin is? Grealish unfortunately falls victim to the very idiosyncrasies that endear him so much to Villa supporters.

You haven't lived at all. New ing Jota is all kinds of gorgeous but crucially, and these are the kind of fine margins that will decide much of this article, has a beard that is just a bit too full for his face.

Have you noticed that he managed to pull-off what was ly conceived possible - a sex offender moustache? The cheekbones will sharpen, the smile will widen, the dark eyes will become that touch more alluring.