Flavored E-Cigarette to Be Banned! WATCH: President Trump Announces Proposed BAN of All Flavored Vaping Products

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that his administration is moving to remove non-tobacco flavored e-cigarette products from the U.S. market, including top-selling mint flavors. “Not only is it a problem overall, but really specifically with respect for children,” Trump told reporters during an impromptu presser in the Oval Office. “We may very well have to do something very, very strong about it.” While seated next to First Lady Melania Trump , who is behind the administration’s push to combat vaping, the president added that he plans to bar “all non-tobacco flavored vaping products from the market.” The president’s comments come a day after the first lady tweeted about recent deaths caused by vaping and called on Health and Human Services to act: “I am deeply concerned about the growing epidemic of e-cigarette use in our children.

Source: Trump is Trying to Ban All Flavored Vaping Products: We’re Doing Something ‘Very Strong About it’


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