FIRED UP: New Poll shows Mike Bloomberg now in 2nd place in the Democratic primary nationwide

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has met the criteria needed to appear in Wednesday’s Las Vegas Democratic debate, with a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll that finds his support to be at 19 percent nationally.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) rules were amended in late January to state a candidate must reach 10 percent in four qualifying national polls, 12 percent in two Nevada or South Carolina polls, or have won a delegate in Iowa or New Hampshire in order to be invited to the Nevada debate. At the time, Bloomberg’s rivals criticized the DNC, arguing the rules change unfairly benefited him, as debate invitations previously required achieving a certain number of individual campaign donations, something Bloomberg lacked given he is self-funding his campaign.

Source: Poll: Mike Bloomberg is now in second place in the Democratic primary

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