What You Must Eat When Visiting Valencia, Spain

Photo by Luna Rodriguez

I like to eat. A lot. I plan my day around my meals, and I rarely eat the same food for two days in a row. When I visit a new country I have a list of local foods I want to try saved in my phone, and I have that same list scribbled on a note in my pocket too (just in case).

When I visited Valencia, on Spain’s southeast coast, I did not come prepared. I hadn’t heard much hype about the food scene in Spain’s third-biggest city, and I had already tried typical Spanish cuisine elsewhere. In fact, I hadn’t heard much about the place at all. Thankfully Valencia isn’t devoid of culinary delights, culture or beauty. Quite the opposite actually; it’s by far the most underrated destination in all of Spain. Continue at Source: EVERYTHING I ATE IN VALENCIA, AND WHY YOU HAVE TO TRY IT ALL

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