Escape from Albuquerque to Las Vegas on a budget

Here’s how to get to Las Vegas from Albuquerque on the cheap, plus top hotels, restaurants and attractions to round out your trip.

While Las Vegas may be an obvious choice for a vacation spot, the city offers much more than just gambling and buffets, and is well worth a fresh look at its constantly changing offerings for accommodations, libations, recreation and relaxation.

The self-proclaimed Entertainment Capital of the World has a thriving Downtown Arts District, several museums, dozens of parks and a world-class center for the performing arts. Its iconic casino-hotels offer extensive shopping, dining, pools and spas, live shows and nightlife. And it was named one of the New York Times’ top destinations for 2019, with a much-anticipated Lady Gaga residency sealing the deal.

Source: Escape from Albuquerque to Las Vegas on a budget

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