Devil pair dreaming of bloodily torturing husband while having sex jailed for 21 years for killing him

A wife and her lover who shared twisted fantasies of having sex in her multi-millionaire husband’s blood have been jailed for 21 years for murdering him.

Angela Taylor, 53, and Paul Cannon, 54, killed wealthy farmer William Taylor, fuelled by a “venomous hatred” of him and his refusal to grant his wife of 20 years a divorce.

Despite a lack of forensic evidence, jurors found them guilty after hearing evidence of lurid WhatsApp messages, which included fantasies of showering together as Mr Taylor’s blood ran down the drain and cutting his ligaments and fingers off.

St Albans Crown Court heard Cannon wrote on WhatsApp: “You know what I’d like to do … make love to you on his kitchen table … with him tied to a chair so he had to watch!!!!!!! Then send him to hell.”

Source: Wife and lover who had fantasies of having sex in dead husband’s blood are jailed


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