CRUSADES! Trump Jr posts crusader symbol after his dad kills Iran General – LOOK

President’s son poses with assault rifle bearing Jerusalem cross Historian criticises Instagram post as ‘inflammatory’ Donald Trump Jr was criticised on Monday after posting to Instagram a picture in which he posed with an assault rifle bearing a heraldic Jerusalem or “five-fold” cross, as carried by medieval knights on crusades in the Holy Land.

“Nice day at the range,” the president’s son wrote. The picture showed Trump Jr holding up the weapon, safety-catch off and finger on the trigger. The magazine was decorated with an image of Hillary Clinton behind bars.

“Adding a little extra awesome to my AR …” he added.

The provocative post came three days after Trump Jr’s father enflamed the Middle East by ordering the killing of the top Iranian general Qassem Suleimani.

Source: Donald Trump Jr posts crusader symbol image amid Middle East turmoil

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