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PREPARE FOR WAR! President Trump Blames Iran For Drone Attack on US Interests in Saudi Oil

WATCH: Pro-China Supporters Fight Hong Kong Protesters on the Street as Protests Turn Violent

Brawling broke out of the streets of Hong Kong’s North Point district on Sunday night after a day of anti-government protests.

Source: Violence on Hong Kong’s streets as pro-Beijing supporters clash with protesters

‘us LOCKED AND LOADED’ BREAKING: President Trump Orders The Opening of  US Oil Reserve After Saudi Arabia Gets Attacked 

US President Donald Trump has authorised the release of US oil reserves after Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities were attacked by drones.

Trump said on Sunday he authorised the release of oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve if needed in a quantity to be determined because of Saturday’s attack.

“Based on the attack on Saudi Arabia, which may have an impact on oil prices, I have authorised the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, if needed, in a to-be-determined amount sufficient to keep the markets well-supplied,” Trump said on Twitter.

Source: Trump authorises US oil release

NO FEAR! WATCH: 82-year-old Senior Using His Walking Stick to Protect Hong Kong Protesters from Armed Police

Uncle Wong is part of Protect the Children, a community group whose members put their bodies between the police and young Hongkongers protesting against the government.

Waving his walking stick in the air and wearing swimming goggles to protect against teargas, he tries to reason with police and provide a distraction to allow activists to evade arrest.

As tensions continue to rise between protesters and police, however, so does the emotional burden on Uncle Wong

Source: Uncle Wong, 82: protecting Hong Kong protesters with his walking stick – video

WATCH: Hong Kong Protesters Sing ‘God Save the Queen’ Begging United Kingdom to Free Their City from China

Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters sang God Save the Queen and waved the union flag as they rallied outside the British consulate on Sunday to demand the UK ensures China honours its commitments to the city’s freedoms. The Sino-British joint declaration, signed in 1984, laid out a ‘one country, two systems’ formula ‘We will not surrender’: Hongkongers rally for support outside UK consulate

Source: Hongkongers sing God Save the Queen in plea for UK support – video