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Black Man Led by Horseback of Texas Police Full Body Camera Video Released – WATCH =>

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) — After public outcry over the arrest of a handcuffed man led by officers on horseback, Galveston police have released the full arrest bodycam video.

Donald Neely was arrested in August for criminal trespassing. A photo was captured at the time showing Neely being led by two mounted officers on horseback for six blocks.

He was arrested in the 600 block of 23rd Street and walked to 21st and Market. People took pictures and video, and the images have been compared to those from the dark days of slavery.

It appears the officers involved were aware at the time of how it would appear to the public. One could be heard saying, “This is going to to look really bad.”

Source: Galveston police release bodycam video of controversial horseback arrest


President Trump Fighting with Reporters In Front of  Finland President, Abruptly Ends Press Conference – WATCH =>

During a press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö on Wednesday, President Donald Trump gave several fiery responses about House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the whistleblower, the Ukraine call and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s launch of an impeachment inquiry.

Source: Trump Made Finnish President Sauli Niinistö Look Very Uncomfortable During A Wild Press Conference

Putin Admits Interfering US Election in 2020: Don’t Tell Anyone – WATCH =>

Russian President Vladimir Putin denied that there were plans for the country to interfere in the 2020 U.S. election. When pressed on the issue by NBC News’ Keir Simmons, Putin mocked the possibility of future election interference, saying sarcastically, “yes we will definitely intervene.”

Source: Putin mocks possibility of 2020 election interference: ‘Ridiculous, sad’

Andrew Yang: Taxing The Wealthy Is A Disaster in Practice – WATCH =>

“I understand the spirit of it and the intent of it. But I agree that it would be somewhere between problematic and a disaster in practice,” Yang told CNBC’s John Harwood.

Yang: I think the wealth tax is an idea, in spirit, that makes sense, given the wealth distribution. But in practice it would have massive implementation problems. There would be capital flight, wealthy people would renounce their citizenship. And the bigger problem isn’t even the money. It’s the annual inventorying of their assets. The truly wealthy in this country have zero interest in submitting to an annual audit of all of their assets. They barely know what all their assets are. And the last thing they’re going to do is report them every year and then pay a toll. So you would have massive compliance problems. And to me there are better ways to make this economy fair, though I understand the spirit of it and the intent of it. But I agree that it would be somewhere between problematic and a disaster in practice.

Source: Andrew Yang says the wealth tax proposals from Sanders and Warren could be a ‘disaster in practice’

Shoot Migrants in the Legs to Slow Them Down, President Trump Suggests – WATCH =>

President Trump suggested shooting migrants in the legs to slow them down once they cross the southern border, according to a new book. The president reportedly made the suggestion in March during a meeting where he also called for the entire border with Mexico to be closed.

Source: Trump reportedly suggested shooting migrants in the legs to slow them down

MASSIVE Bridge Collapses in Taiwan – WATCH =>

A towering arch bridge over a bay in eastern Taiwan collapsed Tuesday, sending a burning oil tanker truck falling onto boats in the water below. An air force helicopter, fishing vessels and more than 60 military personnel including divers were searching for possible victims.

Six people, all foreigners, were missing and believed trapped on one of the fishing boats, the National Fire Agency said. Interior Minister Hsu Kuo-yung told reporters that five people were feared to have been on the bridge when it collapsed. Ten people were sent to hospitals, six of them with serious injuries.

Source: Video shows moment 460-foot-long bridge collapses in Taiwan