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5 beautiful yet affordable destinations to retire outside of America

You don’t need a million dollars to live a luxurious retirement, so long as you’re willing to leave the U.S. behind. International Living, a website for expatriates, is out with a list of “5 Places to Live Like a Movie Star, Without Their Bank Balance.”

“Most people assume that a high-flying existence like that is the purview of the rich and famous alone,” said Jennifer Stevens, the executive editor of International Living.

They’re wrong, Stevens said.

The website for expatriates is out with a list of “5 Places to Live Like a Movie Star, Without Their Bank Balance.”

Source: 5 affordable places to retire abroad


Read these 10 interesting books while traveling this summer

Take a look at some fantastic book choices for your summer beach reads, including “Edcuated” by Tara Westover and “Maid” by Stephanie Land.

School is almost over, summer vacations are booked, and it’s time to break out the bathing suits.
It’s also time to start looking for those summer beach reads.
Before you think it’s time to take a break from the world and all of its hardships, hear me out. Disengaging from the world can make the world worse. Huddling in our separate bunkers keeps us separate, and living in bunkers, as “Educated” author Tara Westhoverknows well, isn’t a good way to live.

Explore San Francisco in 7 Best Destination Day Trips

Yes, San Francisco is lovely but the Bay Area boasts a bounty of other great things to see too.

The Bay Area is more than just San Francisco. It’s a dynamic swath of California that happens to be loaded with amazing things to see and do – from coastal town to historic mountain hamlets to romantic wine country. So much so you may not want to come back to the city. Here are seven things to do outside of San Francisco.

Source: 7 Best Day Trips from San Francisco

Have You Stayed in 1 of These 6 Best Hotels in Las Vegas? If Not, Hope You Will

The best thing about Las Vegas is that there’s something lavish for everyone. Whatever it is that you’re into, the city’s got you covered—whether it’s gambling, food, nightlife, cannabis, shopping, the outdoors, sports, or out-of-this-world entertainment. It’s just the kind of place that accommodates any and all interests—particularly all the best vices. And its many (predominantly massive) themed hotels reflect just that. Here are six sure bets.

These 10 Hair-Raising Empty Hotels May Freak You Out

People just love being scared and going where they shouldn’t. These 10 Creepy Abandoned Hotels from across the world are the 10 you need to see.

The modern hotel is derivative of the 17th-century inn. The medieval hotels manifested in European culture as a means to provided temporary shelter to traveling nomads. Since this conception, many hotels have come and gone, though some of them are still holding fast to their grounds. All around the world, the bones of former hotels lay abandoned with nothing but eerie remnants of their former glory. The sight of these places gives off a creepy essence, with only the imagination to give way to what may have happened in the halls of these hotels.

Source: 10 Creepy Abandoned Hotels From Around The World You Need To See

4 Most Gorgeous Hotels with Amazing View to Satisfy You While Staying in Fiji

Planning a holiday to Fiji in 2019? Here are ELLE’s top picks for the best hotels to stay in the island paradise.

While Instagram might prefer the selfie-fodder of the Maldives’ overwater bures, a handful of luxe new openings (and the far shorter flight time) means that blissing out in Fiji—a tropical archipelago of more than 300 islands—should be on top of your travel wishlist. Here are four ways to do it.

If you go to Vietnam, keep in mind there’re 9 of the best hotels in Hanoi to stay

Hanoi’s chequered history has created a beautiful mess of contrasting neighbourhoods. There’s the labyrinthine Old Quarter; tree-studded French Quarter; lake-filled Tay Ho District; and the glistening modernity of the rapidly developing Westside precincts.

Fortunately, accommodation options are spread throughout the city so you can pair your personality with the neighbourhood. From boutique charm squeezed into the Old City, to spacious modern creations from award-winning architects, there’s an option for all tastes.

Here are the best hotels in Hanoi.

Source: 9 of the best hotels in Hanoi

11 yummy meals you can eat with less than £10 in Fitzrovia, London

If the scrum of getting a seat in a Soho restaurant strikes you with fear, but Mayfair prices give you the shivers, then Fitzrovia is your friend.

Head over to this corner of Oxford Circus, and you’ll find a growing number of respected high-end restaurants alongside a host of comfortable spots offering great deals.

Restaurants aren’t as closely packed together here as in Soho, but a little walking never harmed anyone’s appetite, especially when there’s bibimbap, 20-inch pizzas and bao buns at the other end.

Source: 11 delicious dishes you can get in Fitzrovia for less than a tenner

Explore America’s 50 Best Road Trips for Your Ultimate Experience

50 classic American routes analyzed using data to determine the ultimate road trip.

The all-American road trip has been a great way to explore the country since the early 1900s, with certain routes becoming iconic vacations for seeing landmarks, visiting cities, and simply enjoying the open road.

But what does modern data tell us about the true appeal of these journeys? Geotab has used review ratings, traffic data and a country-wide survey to score 50 classic routes.

Source: Road Trip Ratings

5 of the most delicious food places on Arran island of Scotland 

Here are some of the best restaurants, inns and a very special supperclub not to miss on a trip to the island.   Mara Fish Bar and Deli (Corrie, Shore road, Isle of Arran KA27 8JB) Mara Fish Bar and Deli is a fancy seafood takeaway that uses the best of Arran and Scotland’s seafood …

The Isle of Arran has amazing scenery and spectacular food to boot.

Here are some of the best restaurants, inns and a very special supperclub not to miss on a trip to the island.

Source: 5 of the best places to eat on Arran – Scotsman Food and Drink