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Deaf Man Sues Pornhub For Not Letting Him Enjoy Videos due to Missing Closed Captions 

Source: Pornhub Sued by Deaf Man Over Lack of Closed-Captioning in Videos


WATCH: Mercedes-Benz unveils CRAZY car from Avatar movie at CES 2020


A host of car manufacturers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas have taken to the stage to show off what they think the future of driving will look like.

Unsurprisingly they expect the future to be electric, but a bit more left-field was Mercedes-Benz’s new concept car, designed alongside James Cameron, the director of the 2009 film Avatar.

The car has been called AVTR and is covered in scales, 33 of them to be precise, which Mercedes-Benz has dubbed “bionic flaps” although they appear to be inspired more by the blockbuster film than real biology

Source: CES 2020: Mercedes-Benz unveils concept car inspired by film Avatar

VIDEO: Elon Musk busts out BIZARRE dance moves at Tesla event in Shanghai, China – WATCH

The SpaceX and Tesla founder probably won’t get an invitation for Dancing with the Stars.

No one will mistake Elon Musk for the next Fred Astaire, but the Tesla and SpaceX founder still busted out his best moves onstage at a Tesla event Tuesday in China. I don’t care how well you can dance. If you choose to shake your tail feathers in public, you are a hero.

Musk was proud enough of his boogie skills to post a clip to Twitter, writing “At Tesla Giga Shanghai NSFW!”

Source: Elon Musk busts out dazzlingly awkward dance moves at Tesla event – CNET

SEE IT: Racist Mariah Carey’s hacked Twitter account spreading ‘N word’ and Vulgar to 21 Million Followers

Mariah Carey is the latest celebrity to suffer a social media hack, as fans noticed the singer’s Twitter account spewing racial slurs on New Year’s Eve.

For nearly half an hour, Carey’s account posted several unexplained links, along with slurs — including the n-word — and references to her ongoing feud with Eminem.

Once hackers lost control of the account, the tweets were deleted, leaving Carey’s 21 million followers scratching their heads.

Source: Mariah Carey’s hacked Twitter account spews racial slurs and Eminem

VIDEO: Group of UFOs Across Edmonton Sky Turn Out to Be Elon Musk’s Satellites – WATCH

EDMONTON — A shocking sight in the night sky — dozens of lights passing over the Edmonton area that many believed were a convoy of UFOs — is actually the latest launch of SpaceX’s new satellites, astronomers say.

Reports of bright lights in a near-perfect linear formation started to stream in on social media at around 6:45 p.m. Sunday.

“I went outside to have a cigarette and I just started looking up at the sky,” said Todd Goulet, who spotted the strange lights from southwest Edmonton. “All of a sudden, there’s a satellite. Wait a minute, there’s another one…and another one.”

Source: ‘It’s not aliens’: Reports of dozens of UFOs in straight line turn out to be SpaceX satellites

Sex robot in 2020s to be so REAL you’ll think they’re human until ‘mid-way through conversation’

EXCLUSIVE: Top doll manufacturers including RealDoll, Cloud Climax and Silicone Lovers have given Daily Star Online their thoughts on what to expect from the new decade

Matt McMullen, found of top sex robot company RealDoll, told Daily Star Online we can expect them to be unrecognisable to humans by 2025

So real that you will not be able to tell the difference until you are mid-way through conversation, he claims.

Source: Sex robot ‘human duplicates’ coming in 2020s and we ‘won’t know the difference’