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Teacher pulls chair out of 8-year-old, charged with assault

A Prince William County teacher who allegedly pulled a chair out from under an 8-year-old student has been charged with assault.

Police say the incident occurred on Dec. 5 at Mary Williams Elementary School in Dumfries.

After an investigation by both Child Protective Services and police, Bobbi Jean Oakes, 29, of Stafford was charged with assault and battery.

Source: Prince William County teacher pulled chair out from under child, charged with assault, police say


Body cam VIDEO: Colorado police officer gets drunk, gun removed in patrol car, still keeps job – WATCH

AURORA, Colo. — An Aurora Police Department officer kept his job and was not charged with driving under the influence after he was found drunk inside his patrol car while on duty.

According to a general offense report obtained by FOX31 and Channel 2, on March 29, 2019, officers were dispatched to the area of East Mississippi Avenue and South Tower Road on a welfare check. Dispatch was told an unconscious person — possibly an APD officer — was inside a car outside Buckley Air Force Base.

When officers arrived, they found Aurora firefighters were already at the scene. APD Agent Nate Meier was in the driver’s seat of an unmarked Ford Taurus patrol car stopped in the middle of Mississippi, according to the report. The engine was still running.

Source: Body cam video shows Colorado officer who dodged DUI charges drunk in patrol car

‘RACIST’ to say ‘Eskimo’: 2 Canadian men lost jobs – WATCH

The two men at the centre of a storm of controversy related to their racist behaviour aboard a flight this week are offering public apologies to the Indigenous people of Labrador and their families.

Dave Beck and Thomas Scott are both from St. John’s, and have worked for many years as plasterers and painters.

They were already intoxicated when they boarded the flight in Churchill Falls, and continued to drink beer purchased on the flight as it made its way to St. John’s.

As passengers boarded the flight during a stopover in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Beck used the derogatory term “Eskimo” to describe an Indigenous person, prompting Scott to remark, “Can you smell him?”

And Kankote followed up with a statement saying Beck and Scott had been fired.

Source: ‘My family is ashamed of me’: Men apologize for racist remarks aboard Labrador flight

Elderly couple kill man eating burger inside In-N-Out restaurant – WATCH

A man was killed and four others were injured after the driver of an SUV plowed into an In-N-Out Burger in Utah, officials said.

Source: Man eating inside In-N-Out killed after SUV plows into restaurant

16-year-old Cheerleader Shot in the Head, Killed in Chicago shooting while walking home from work – WATCH 

Source: Girl, 16, killed in Little Village shooting ID’d

Amazing VIDEO: Skydiver girl McKenna Knipe eats Burger King while skydiving, falling to the Earth – WATCH


McKenna Knipe, 24, filmed herself pulling off a (seemingly) impossible stunt – chowing down on Burger King’s fake-meat Impossible Whopper while flying through the air in a wingsuit.

The high-flying footage was shared by the South Florida resident, who concealed the sandwich in her flight jacket before jumping out of a plane on the back of another flyer, Steve King, reported South West News Service, a British news agency.

Source: Woman eats Burger King Impossible Whopper while skydiving, plans to start filming ‘weekly food reviews in the sky’