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When DREAM Becomes REALITY- WATCH: She Swallows Her Ring Because Fiance Tells Her To Do So in Her Dream

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — A dream became reality for a San Diego woman, but not in a good way. Jenna Evans says she swallowed her engagement ring in her sleep.

Tuesday night, Evans dreamed that she and her fiance, Bobby, were facing off with “bad guys” on a high-speed train. During the struggle, Bobby told Evans that she had to swallow her engagement ring to protect it. So she did. Not just in her dream, but in real life. She woke to find the ring clean off her finger.

“When I woke up and it was not on my hand, I knew exactly where it was,” Evans said. “It was in my stomach.”

The next morning, Evans and her future husband went to Urgent Care, where they saw her X-rays. Her ring was clearly nestled right in her stomach.

Source: Woman swallows engagement ring while asleep, requiring surgery


GENIUS! Montana Grandma Scares Speeding Driver Using Just Her Hair Dryer as Speed Gun

POLSON, Mont. — A grandmother in Montana is now an honorary state trooper, KPAX reports.

She wants cars in her neighborhood to slow down, so she took matters into her owns hands with a hair dryer.

Patti Baumgartner had a picture of her sitting with her hair dryer on the side of the road go viral on social media.

A mom and a grandma, Baumgartner wants cars in her neighborhood to slow down for people’s safety.

Source: Montana woman uses hair dryer to deter speeding drivers

BREAKING! WATCH: More than 48,000 Workers Go on Strike Against General Motors Starting Tonight

More than 48,000 union workers for General Motors plan to walk off their jobs Sunday night and go on strike after negotiations for a new labor contract hit a stalemate.

During a news conference in Detroit on Sunday morning, United Auto Workers spokesman Brian Rothenberg said GM workers across the country will form picket lines at 11:59 p.m., 24 hours after a four-year labor contract expired.

“At midnight tonight, the picket lines will go up,” Rothenberg said. “But basically, when the morning shift would have reported for work, they won’t be there. The picket lines are being set up.”

Source: More than 48,000 UAW members to go on strike against General Motors

Abortion Doctor Dies Leaves Behind More Than 2,000 Human Lives Preserved in His Illinois House

WILL COUNTY, Ill. (WNDU) Police say 2,246 medically preserved fetal remains were found on the property of Ulrich George Klopfer, a late abortion doctor who used to operate a South Bend clinic.

Klopfer died on Sept. 3.

On Sept. 12, the Will County (Illinois) Coroner’s Office received a call from an attorney representing his family. They reported finding fetal remains among Klopfer’s personal property and requested proper removal.

Source: Fetal remains found on property of former South Bend abortion doctor

BACK TO SMOKE, VAPE: DANGEROUS! WATCH: Doctor Tells Patients To Quit Vaping, Pick Up A Joint Instead

People are dying from vaping-related lung illnesses. And it’s highlighting a growing concern: There’s no federal regulation of marijuana products

DENVER — Cancer-care expert Dr. Diana Martins-Welch finds herself in an unusual position: Last week she started telling her medical marijuana patients to quit vaping cannabis and pick up a joint instead.

“I would never have thought I’d be in a position to tell someone to smoke marijuana. But if the choice is between smoking and vaping, smoke marijuana.”

Martins-Welch specializes in caring for patients with cancer and chronic pain, and she’s certified more than 700 of them to use marijuana under New York’s tightly controlled cannabis program, which permits vape extracts with THC, the component of marijuana that produces a high, but bans joints.

Source: Pick up a joint instead: Vaping illnesses highlight flawed marijuana regulations

INCREDIBLE! WATCH: U.S. Baby Born on 9/11 at 9:11 Weighs 9 Pounds, 11 Ounces

GERMANTOWN, TN – — A baby born in Germantown, Tennessee, entered the world this past Wednesday, Sept. 11. But her birth carries a special significance on a day known for tragedy.

Christina Malone-Brown was born at 9:11 p.m. Her weight? 9 pounds, 11 ounces. She’s already garnering lots of attention for the three links to 9/11.

Her parents, Cametrione Malone-Brown and Justin Brown, were thrilled to find joy on a usually somber day.

The parents said their doctor told them “Oh my God! This is 9-11, 9-11, 9-11 baby.”

Source: Baby born on 9/11 at 9:11 weighs 9 pounds, 11 ounces