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China vows to retaliate if Trump signs bills to support Hong Kong protesters – REPORT

Beijing warns Washington of ‘strong countermeasures’ if Trump signs off on legislation supporting Hong Kong protesters.

China has called on US President Donald Trump to veto legislation aimed at supporting Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protest movement, warning it will retaliate if the Congress-backed bills become law.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang on Thursday said the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act undermined Beijing’s interests in the semi-autonomous territory, which has been rocked by months of anti-government demonstrations.

Source: China demands Trump veto bills on Hong Kong


SHOCKING VIDEO: 2 British mums brawl in front of screaming children outside primary school – WATCH

Two mothers had to be pulled apart by other parents when they started fighting in front of terrified children in shocking scenes outside a primary school.

The women ended up brawling on the ground after one accused the other of ‘bullying’ near the entrance to Carr Infant School in York on Tuesday morning.

The fight broke out after a woman with long blonde hair – initially holding a toddler – claimed her rival had been ‘bullying’ somebody else and dared her to try and ‘f****** bully me’.

Source: Mothers brawl in front of screaming children outside primary school

VIDEO: 2 people brutally attack drive-thru McDonald employee in Henrico, VA – WATCH

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Henrico Police need the public’s help identifying two people wanted for assault after they were caught on camera attacking a drive-thru employee at a local McDonald’s.

Police have released few details at this time, but said the incident occurred on Saturday, November 9 at the McDonald’s in the 2300 block of Mechanicsville Turnpike.

Source: Video shows brutal attack of McDonald’s drive-thru employee in Henrico

China accidentally reveals top secret new weapon

A centrefold graphic recently flourished intimate details of a Chinese bomber carrying a stark new weapon. State-controlled media has since gone into cover-up mode. But military analysts think Beijing may have been caught with its pants down.

The graphics showed the new bomber carrying a huge ballistic missile slung under its fuselage. And that missile looks a lot like one of a family of ballistic weapons deployed by China’s People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force (PLARF) as aircraft carrier killers.

WTF: British train passenger brushes his teeth and repeatedly spits it out on platform at Euston station – WATCH

The man was pictured finishing his morning routine on the ‘packed’ commute before ‘repeatedly’ spitting on the platform

Twitter user Melissa Therms uploaded the snap with the caption: “Disgusting behaviour at Euston station this morning.

“Packed platform and this man starts brushing his teeth and spits repeatedly on the platform.”

The man appeared to be heading into work and Melissa admitted ‘not a soul’ confronted him over the behaviour before another replied: “British being British.”

Source: ‘Disgusting’ train passenger brushes his teeth and spits it out on platform

SHOCKING VIDEO: Wounded elephant hacked to death in Kenya – WATCH

Shocking footage shows elephant being hacked to death by mob after they chased it out of their village and it stumbled and broke its leg – as Kenyan officials launch hunt for attackers

  • Disturbing video shows a wounded elephant being hacked to death in Kenya 
  • Animal is shown laying on the ground as men hack at it with machetes and axes
  • Kenya Wildlife Service said attack happened in June last year after two elephants raided a farm near the city of Meru, before one fell and broke its leg 
  • Investigators vowed to use the new footage to track down and arrest the culprits 

Source: Shocking footage shows elephant being hacked to death by mob in Kenya