CAN’T WAIT FOR PART II:  Vampire beheads nun and rips face off in HORRIFIC new BBC Dracula Show

Writers Stephen Moffatt and Mark Gattiss made sure the fanged villain’s presence was felt throughout, and actor Claes Bang certainly charmed viewers.

Having made the long journey from his castle in Eastern Europe to English shores to consume as many lives as his appetite desires, Dracula caused mayhem inside a convent.

As the convent’s Mother Superior tried to give a message of peace and calm, Dracula struck with a sword and lopped her head clean off, uttering: “She was clearing her throat but I think it’s fine now.”

The episode ended with Jonathan, or what viewers thought was Jonathan, standing before Mina.

Instead, it was Dracula, who gleefully ripped her lover’s face apart to expose his true identity, leaving her horrified.

Source: Dracula viewers revel in ‘horrific’ violence as vampire beheads nun and rips face off in gory new drama

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