VIDEO: Multiple Iranian Rockets Are ATTACKING US Airbase in Iraq, Retaliation Operation #Soleimani Begins – WATCH

Initial reports stated that 9 rockets hit the Ain al-Assad airbase on Tuesday. The base hosts American soldiers.

Heavy missile attacks were carried out by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps on the Ain al-Assad air base in Iraq that hosts both Iraqi and US soldiers on Tuesday night.

Nine missiles hit the airbase, according to Al-Hadath. “Shelter in place” sirens were heard at the Taji base in Iraq north of Baghdad on Tuesday as Fars news reported that five rockets were reportedly fired at the base that hosts American soldiers. Kurdistan 24 reporter Barzan Sadiq tweeted that the base was calm on Tuesday night and reports indicated that the reported attack may have been a drill.

Source: Iranian retaliation begins with missile attack on Iraqi airbase

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