Body cam VIDEO: Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed, Mentally Ill David Ingle – Missouri – WATCH

According to police, the first officer on the scene, Rawlins, spotted Ingle running down the street and watched him fall to the ground screaming. As Meador arrived, the decision was made to detain Ingle because of his erratic behavior. When Ingle resisted efforts to detain him, both officers deployed their stun guns, with probes from the guns striking the combative man multiple times, according to the lone account provided by police to date.

That account maintains that Ingle continued to resist, and Rawlins was rendered temporarily unable to assist Meador when a probe from one of the two officers’ stun guns struck her in the hand. The police account states that Meador, who was still engaged with Ingle, attempted to put some distance between himself and the combative man at that point. But Ingle charged at him, and Meador, a five-year veteran of the Joplin police force, fired his service weapon, according to the police account.

Police have acknowledged that Ingle was not armed and that he had no weapon of any kind in his hands. Stewart declined to say if either officer mistakenly thought he was armed in some manner, citing the open status of the state patrol’s investigation.

Source: Death of unarmed, mentally ill man raises questions

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