Black Woman Cuts wHITE Man’s Throat at Taco Bell, Oregon – WATCH =>

From The Oregonian:

Caley Mason, 22, of Maryland pleaded guilty in Clackamas County last month to second-degree assault in the brutal knife attack that left Jason Luczkow, 48, with an 8-inch gash from ear to Adam’s apple.

The beef began after Luczkow, a Sandy resident, said he asked her to stop berating the Taco Bell employees.

Mason, attired in a blond wig, was already making a scene when they arrived, according to Luczkow and the Sandy Police Department. She continued to fume over how long it took to get her food.

“Apparently, the management had already told her to leave,” Luczkow said. “As she continued to rant and rave, I told her to be quiet. Told her to zip it.”

After exchanging a few words, Mason stormed out of the restaurant, police said. She returned a few minutes later with a knife and slashed the man who had told her to pipe down, Det. Sam Craven told The Oregonian/OregonLive.

That’s when blood began to pour from Luczkow’s neck and Mason fled.

Source: Shock Video: Mother Slashes Stranger’s Throat At Taco Bell After He Told Her To Stop Berating Employees


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