ALERT! According to Apple, China Takes Control of Billion of iPhone as It’s Targeting The Country’s Largest Muslim Community 

Apple, Google, and China are all bound up in the news this morning, thanks to an Apple statement released this morning. A week ago, Google released details of a hack that could essentially own your iPhone, just by visiting a website.

Never mentioned by Google: which websites, where they were, or who they impacted.

But today, Apple provided a big clue that implicates China.

“The attack affected fewer than a dozen websites that focus on content related to the Uighur community.”

Apple statement

This is a very big hint that China was likely behind the attack, since it has been targeting Uighurs, an 11-million-strong population in western China with largely Muslim beliefs, for years.

Source: Apple Hints China Behind ‘Billion Device iPhone Hack’ That Google Reported


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