9-year-old boy stabs 5-year-old sister repeatedly while saying ‘die, die’ – Florida – WATCH

OCALA, FL (WESH) — A 9-year-old Ocala boy was taken into custody after he stabbed his 5-year-old sister with a knife because he said he wanted her die, police said.

Investigators said the little girl has multiple stab wounds and was airlifted to a nearby hospital.

Police said that when asked why he did it, the boy told detectives that the thought of killing her came to his mind two days ago.

According to an arrest affidavit, the boy got a knife from the kitchen and told detectives that during the attack, he was shouting “die, die” before his mother returned and grabbed the knife.

Source: Police: 9-year-old Ocala boy stabbed 5-year-old sister while saying ‘die, die’

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