74-year-old woman shoots, kills husband inside car during argument in Oklahoma – WATCH

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR/CNN) – A 74-year-old woman allegedly admitted to police and witnesses in Oklahoma City she shot her husband, who died several days later of his injuries.

Faye Richard, 74, is charged with first degree murder in the shooting of her husband, 76-year-old Kenneth Richard, following what police say was an argument between the two.

Police say Kenneth Richard was driving a white SUV when an argument began between him and his wife of more than two decades. Then, she allegedly opened fire inside the vehicle.

Court records say witnesses saw Kenneth Richard “fall face first into the pavement,” and Faye Richard told them, “I shot him.”

“His wife got out of the car and was nonchalantly, ‘I shot him.’ And I was like, ‘Holy cow, OK.’ She seemed a little bit off her rocker…” witness Amanda Montez said. “He was just laying there, and then, he had said he had been shot. We pulled his jacket back, and sure enough, there was a bullet hole.”

Source: ‘I shot him’: 74-year-old Okla. woman charged with killing husband of more than 20 years

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