7 Extraordinary Volcanic Summits Photos of the Tallest Volcanoes on Every Continent

A new photography book takes you inside the terrain and communities that surround these glowing giants.

Adrian Rohnfelder has been photographing the most extreme parts of the planet for years, but it’s his latest feat that’s really grabbed our attention. He’s been visiting every one of the world-famous Volcanic Seven Summits, the tallest volcanoes on each of the seven continents: Mount Sidley, AntarcticaMount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; Pico de Orizaba, Mexico; Ojos del Salado, Chile; Elbrus, Russia; Mount Damavand, Iran; and Mount Giluwe, Papua New Guinea. Rohnfelder is the first photographer to have completed the challenge, and he’s gathered his jaw-dropping photography together in a stunning new book: Volcanic 7 Summits: Dreams of the Unknown. Continue at Source: Extraordinary Photos of the Tallest Volcano on Every Continent

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