7 Best Indian Starters Recipes

Indian Starters Recipes: Whether it’s a short get-together at home or a grand dinnerparty, an Indian household are always brimming with aromatic food, no matter how big or small the occasion is. Elaborate courses of meal is a part of every party in India, from small plates of finger food along with welcome drinks, followed by huge portions of Indian starters, extensive range of main course along with side dishes and finally, delectable desserts. All of this might fill you up for rest of the week!

Let’s just admit it, Indians have a penchant for snacks, or starters or appetisers. We like to munch on almost all the time. No wonder we have a variety of street food across the country. While eating all of it might take very little time, preparing the starters can even take a large chunk of your time. Indian starters are full of spicy and succulent tikkas, crispy pakodas and chaats that go along with refreshing and chatpati chutneys. A plate full of paneer or chicken tikka would be over in less than a minute while preparing that can be quite a task.

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