5 Best Mughlai Recipes | Easy Mughlai Recipes

Mughlai recipes: Find here the best of Mughlai recipes right from Rogan josh, nihari gosht to mughlai paratha and more along with key ingredients and the step by step recipe of all.

Mughlai Recipes: Imagine you’ve got a box full of Nihari gosht, succulent mutton boti kebabs or aromatic biryani for lunch at work. Would you ever trade it with anyone? These Mughlai dishes are simply untradeable; we would in fact go, hide in a corner and eat it all alone. Our love for Mughlai cuisine goes back to the times of Mughal Empire and their royal kitchens, when the Mughlai cuisine represented a mix of Indian cuisine with that of the Persian. The latter existed well before the Mughlai was originated which explains certain Persian names of the Mughlai dishes.

Source: 5 Best Mughlai Recipes | Easy Mughlai Recipes

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