36 Hours in Melbourne

Pity Melbourne: After seven years of topping the Economist Intelligence Unit’s most livable city rankings, it was finally displaced last year by another coffee-loving city, Vienna. Despite being nudged down a notch to No. 2, Melburnians aren’t too worried. Though the city is currently grappling with issues related to being such a popular place to live — rapid growth, high property prices, congested roads — the city in the southeastern part of Australia continues to be the country’s capital for all things cultural. There are more festivals than can fit on a calendar; a thriving, boundary-pushing restaurant scene; and a commitment to the arts that will only deepen with the National Gallery of Victoria’s plans to build the largest contemporary art gallery in Australia by 2025. Melbourne may have lost its crown, but it still has its spacious Victorian-era parks, flat whites and famously sunny way of life.

Source: 36 Hours in Melbourne

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