31 Best Places for Late-Night Eats in NYC

Hungry at 1 a.m. on a Saturday? Pizza joints, sushi spots, and even white-tableclothed brasseries await.

If New York City never sleeps, what do city-dwellers do at night? Beyond drinking, dancing, and karaoke-ing, many of us are indulging in the pleasures of a nighttime meal. Whether it’s an after-hours dinner, post-drink snack, or a just-because midnight feast, the joys of dining late are many: everyone with kids has long gone home, the distractions of daytime can wait until tomorrow, and the only focus is good food and good company. And in New York, specifically, those options are plentiful. Whether you’re tapping out of the club or just strolling around with the munchies on your mind, the city’s got pizza counters, sushi joints, and even white-tableclothed brasseries open late and waiting for you. Here, we’ve put together the definitive guide to after-hours feasting in New York City. Continue at Source: The Best Places for Late-Night Eats in NYC

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