3 Women Road Rage Brawl on I-57 South Side, WATCH=>

Source: Illinois State Police Investigating Viral Video Of Road Rage Brawl On Interstate 57

CHICAGO (WLS) — Shocking cell phone video show three women attacking each other during rush hour in a road rage incident on I-57 near Halsted Street on the South Side.

Another driver caught the entire incident on camera. The fight happened at about 7:13 a.m. in the northbound lanes of I-57 near Halsted Street, Illinois State Police said.

The incident began with a woman changing lanes as she swings a baseball bat out of the window. That driver then gets out of the car and smashes the bat onto the hood of a silver Hyundai. That action triggers the passenger of the silver car, who witnesses said may have been that driver’s daughter, to get out and engage with the woman.

The two women throw punches and pull each other’s hair on the side of the highway as the driver behind them continues to record. The driver of the silver vehicle also gets out and witnesses said she appeared to be trying to grab the woman with the bat to protect her passenger.

Seconds later one woman picks up the bat and gets ready to swing, and the viral cell phone video ends.

Source: 3 women attack each other in I-57 road rage incident on South Side, video goes viral


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