21 Great Places Near the Mountains for Early Retirement

Of our 50 picks for the best place to retire early in each state, 21 offer the added benefit of nearby mountains to climb (or merely gaze upon) during your retirement.

Once you’ve made that difficult climb to achieve financial independence early, why not enjoy some literal climbs in your early retirement? America’s mountain majesties can be found in many locations all over the country, and many provide a perfect setting for you to get outdoors, stay fit and gain some perspective on your new life. Plus, higher altitudes also give you cooler weather and less humidity.

We pinpointed 50 great places in the U.S. for early retirees—one in each state—focusing on living costs, median incomes and poverty rates for residents ages 45 to 64, as well as local tax environments and labor markets (just in case you want to dip back into the workforce and stretch your retirement savings further). Of our 50 picks, these 21 destinations offer the added benefit of nearby peaks and valleys to explore. Continue at Source: Early Retirement Cities: 21 Great Places Near the Mountains to Retire


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