21 Beers You Need to Be Drinking This Summer

Like a great summer song you keep replaying, summer beers can come to define a whole season’s worth of memories. So choose wisely.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally summer. That means Game of Thrones has left a permanent gaping void in your schedule, the “sweat stain situation” replaces the “painfully cold face dilemma,” and the parties suddenly become longer and greater in number. To tackle all of these seasonal developments, you’re going to need a few good beers at the ready. Lucky for you, we had some time on our hands to test some out for you and share the results.

Because we’re available to readers anywhere with internet access, we’ve decided to pick stuff that’s relatively accessible to larger chunks of the country. No offense to your local one-off, taproom-release-only brewery! We’re also not sticking to just summer seasonals, since then we’d be covering basically nothing but kolsches and session IPAs. These beers are from all over, representing a wide array of styles. The main thing they have in common is they’re all extra great to drink out in the sun, on during a twilight cookout. Clear up some cooler space. These are the best summer beers.

Source: 21 Beers You Need to Be Drinking This Summer

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