10 of the best hotels in Chicago

The most American of all the big cities in the US, Chicago stands out not just for its ease of use (O’Hare airport is the world’s busiest) or its eminently friendly locals (they call it “Midwest Nice”), but also for its stunning architecture. Walk among its 77 distinct neighbourhoods and you’ll find International Style skyscrapers, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed single-family homes, and everything in between.

Food is the big draw in this city of nearly three million souls, but if you’re looking for a killer place to spend the night, you can rest and digest for as little as $109 a night in a former factory filled with tattooed hipsters or drop serious coin in a Magnificent Mile tower.

Most first-timers to the Windy City (named for the windy political climate of the 1930s, not the extreme gusts peeling off Lake Michigan) choose a room with a view of the water, but heading west affords more neighbourhood escapes where actual Chicagoans hang out. So pick your poison, and bring comfortable walking shoes. Continue at Source: 10 of the best hotels in Chicago