75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta

From street food to fine dining to everything in between, these are the places where we most want to eat.

We needed way more than 50 spots. To properly reflect the Atlanta of today—its many cultures, neighborhoods, and iterations of dry-fried eggplant—a reckoning was in order. But even settling on 75 restaurants was hard. One of the first questions we asked ourselves: Would we drive across town to eat there? In determining the top 10 specifically, we thought less about where we most want to eat when we’re celebrating than where we most want to eat, period. We ended up with a no. 1 pick that’s been open for nearly 10 years yet has never before topped this list. As for the 30 newcomers, they’ve been around for as little as four months and as long as four decades, specializing in everything from vegan wraps to modern French cuisine, $1.50 tacos to a $165 tasting menu. And yes, all of them are worth the drive—especially that Oaxacan joint in Suwanee.

Source: 75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta