20 Fun & Romantic Places To Go On a Babymoon

Take advantage of the last days of being child-free with a babymoon at one of these destinations.

It’s unclear exactly when babymoons became a thing, but they’re certainly a trend now. For those unfamiliar, a babymoon can be classified as a mom or mom and dad to be who take a trip before baby is actually born. Many see it as a trip to relax before having to do the monumental task of raising another human in their first years of life. Others see it as a time to just go on one last trip before life gets crazy. It’s not to say that parents can’t go anywhere after having a child. There are many moms out there who have the travel bug and take any opportunity they can (like maternity leave) to feed their wanderlust. Continue at Source: 20 Fun & Romantic Places To Go On a Babymoon


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