18 World’s Most Delightful Airport Features

Airports can be busy, stressful, and sometimes, awesome. DAWN HUCZEK/CC BY 2.0

Atlas Obscura readers share their favorite places to kill time while waiting for a flight.

THERE WAS APPARENTLY A TIME, in some far-off age, when commercial air travel was exciting and fun. Today, it’s easy to understand why most people now feel that airports are dreaded prisons of bureaucracy and inconvenience. And yet, even as airports have turned decidedly toward the dystopian, one can still find awesome surprises in bustling terminals across the globe. We recently asked Atlas Obscura readers in our Community forums to tell us about the most wondrous attractions they’ve ever encountered in an airport, and their responses made us want to arrive for our flights even earlier than before. See more at Source: 18 of the World’s Most Delightful Airport Features

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