14 must-try foods and drinks if you visits Florida

Florida’s melting pot of cuisine makes for one of the most intriguing dining scenes in the country, drawing some of the world’s best chefs to its shores. Influences from the influx of Spanish, Cuban, and Latin American settlers have inspired the state’s spice-driven signature dishes, which range from fresh blackened mahi-mahi to deep-fried gator tail—an Everglades special. Nearby states consider Florida to be closer to the Caribbean than the Deep South (thus the creation of “Floribbean” cuisine), but that doesn’t mean you won’t find southern staples like shrimp and grits sprinkled on menus in between classics like conch fritters and Cuban croquetas. Here are 14 dishes you should absolutely try on your next trip.

Source: Pass the Gator Tail, Please! 14 Things You Should Eat and Drink in Florida

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