14 Best Places for Shopping in Rome

Where to go when you want to take home a stylish or delicious souvenir.

When it comes to shopping in Rome, the city has everything; the streets are lined with storefronts of every kind and flavor. But luxe international brands and affordable, fast-fashion stores dominate the landscape, so finding those unforgettable, one-of-a-kind boutiques is an adventure. You’ll have to traverse neighborhoods and meander down side streets to find that meticulous leather artisan, the incredible contemporary concept store or one-of-a-kind jewelry designer all hidden in plain sight. Step into these shops and you’ll find more than just a beautiful gift, you’ll find stories from people who live and love in Rome. And the footwork will be worth it—step into one of these artisans’ shops and you’ll have a chance to see the real Rome. Continue at Source: 14 Best Places for Shopping in Rome


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