12 Best Restaurants to Represent Michigan To You

These spots are serving up history and incredible food.

The search for Michigan’s Most Iconic Restaurant revealed classic dining spots, hidden gems, and longtime favorites all over the state. The journey took us from hip, urban settings to rural abodes, from the streets of Detroit to the shores of Superior, and we are happy to reveal our Top 12 picks.

These are the restaurants that have a history, whether they’ve been open for 25 years or 100. The spots that honor not just their own story, but very often the history of the building in which they reside. We visited a mansion built by a lumber baron and a Northern Michigan log inn that were both constructed in 1894, a cafe located in the basement of a building that was erected in the 1920’s, and a restaurant in a renovated church.

Source: These are Michigan’s 12 Most Iconic Restaurants

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