11-year-old invents advanced ‘Anti-Bullying Backpack’ equipped with cameras, wifi, GPS, walkie-talkie system – WATCH

A sixth-grader turned his struggle with bullies into a patented invention. Makai Samuels-Paige said he was made fun of for his height and was in some cases physically bullied, so he created the “Anti-Bullying Backpack” to record bullies in the act.

He’s been pushed and called names, so he focused his inventing power to stop that from happening again. It’s been hurting,” said Samuels-Paige of the bullying. “That’s why I created this.” He fought back with brainpower, creating the “Anti-Bully Backpack.”

The backpack has two cameras, wifi, GPS, and a walkie-talkie system that alerts parents when a recording starts.

Source: 11-year-old invents backpack to stop bullying in schools

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