10 Best Road Trips in America, Ranked By Geotab

A ride through the Oregon Cascades is pretty high on the list of ranked trips in the Geotab survey.Andrew Cherney

Geotab ranks the top road trips in the country for their attraction and accommodation value. We add our notes about their appeal to motorcyclists.

Well, we missed National Road Trip Day because we were, uh, on the road (is it a coincidence the date is pretty much on top of Memorial Day weekend?). Apparently National Road Trip Day was May 24, and to celebrate the event, telematics provider Geotab waded through gobs of TripAdvisor data to rank 50 iconic road trips in the US (as determined by sources like National Geographic and Lonely Planet). Each itinerary was rated for its attractions, accommodations, and places to eat. See more at Source: The 10 Best Road Trips, Ranked By Geotab | Motorcycle Cruiser

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