10 Best LA Spots for crunchy, cheesy beef birria tacos

Where to find this institutional Tijuana-style taco from Los Angeles’s current street food spots

Los Angeles is obsessed with all things Tijuana right now. From carne asada over charcoal to Rosarito-inspired flour tortilla and bean options, the Mexican sister city to the south is on just about everyone’s mind (and stomach). Case in point: the rise of modern birria de res, or beef, trucks and stands across the city. This institutional Tijuana taco style has been reinvented for the modern age, with vendors tossing on lots of cheese, griddling up those tortillas to a crunchy consistency, and even dipping the stuff in cooking liquid first to give it an appealing red glow. Here now, from famous Teddy’s Red Tacos to Eats LA staples like Birrieria Gonzalez, are ten of the best current street food spots for all things Tijuana-style birria.

Source: 10 killer LA stops for crunchy, cheesy beef birria tacos


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